24Hypercar by Jannarelly - 15 000
First-ever official masterpiece of 24hleMans® with designer Anthony Jannarelly by Atelier Circourt

The world’s most prestigious race and the talent of renowned designer Anthony Jannarelly give rise to the ultra limited 24h Hypercar masterpiece.

24hLeMans® has selected Atelier Circourt®, known for its refined and sculptural creations, to celebrate the art of the 24H Le Mans by creating an official masterpiece for the very first time.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Atelier Circourt® sought the expertise of talented French automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly to shape the first ever piece of art associated with the 24H Le Mans.

Known for his retro-futuristic signature in his creations, Anthony Jannarelly’s intention is to celebrate the latest Hypercar category by combining the stylistic heritage of iconic le Mans cars with modern aerodynamics.

Anthony says: “This is a tribute to all the 24h racing cars of the past we all dreamt of. I wanted to show what could be a modern hypercar if we just keep the romantic style of the past with the aerodynamic knowledge of today. This is all style over function, the most puristic expression of a le Mans racing car. “

“The ultra reflection permitted by the polished solid aluminium of this masterpiece emphasises all the automotive emotions such as the feeling of speed and sensuality. It’s captivating and fascinating to the eye.”

Romain Marchand, Atelier Circourt® co-founder: “We are very proud to celebrate this partnership with 24hleMans®. Being entrusted with such a heritage is an honour for Atelier Circourt® and an opportunity to establish our name in the world of art.”

About this first creation by Anthony Jannarelly, Guillaume Raynaud, Atelier Circourt® President and co-founder says : “Anthony successfully embodies the magic of Le Mans celebrating its 100th year since first edition, and offers us here more than a tribute, but a tremendous beauty of endurance racing. His creation will touch and move all fans of 24hleMans® race.

Created in France
Solid Aluminium
Dimensions (cm) 60x25x14
Polished Limited Edition 8 copies